Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Travel and Vacations Made Easier

Wouldn't it be nice to get away for a while? Some really, REALLY great ideas on saving money during travel:


Recession-Proofing Advice

CoffeeTeaBooksandMe has gone through some hard times, and is willing to share her struggles in order to help us out:


and her earlier post:


Her advice is based on long periods of unemployment endured by her own family. She learned the hard way during...

"...our first year when we ran out of unemployment and had no income. We assumed my husband would find another job quickly so we used our savings to keep up present lifestyle. We should have cut back on everything extra in the budget the very day he was laid off. It would have helped a great deal in the long run."

She keeps talking about advice given by David Wilkerson, a well-known writer and preacher. Apparently Wilkerson is strongly advising that we keep at least 30 days of food available in pantry and freezer...I have not heard this before, but now I'm curious. Will check and report back to you what I find out.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Beginnings...Getting Out of Debt


Getting out of debt assumes you're in debt...as so many of us are.

Where to start?

*First, incur as little new debt as possible. No matter what.

*Second, learn to live on your current income. Stick to the basics of place to live, utilities, food, gas/repairs for your vehicle.

*Third, cut down on those 'basics' wherever possible.
--Can you live without cable for a few months, until things steady out? (Free installation is rife nowadays; you can sign back on with little difficulty -- and probably get a better price, anyway.)
--Can you turn the heat down...or off altogether? (Spring is almost here, after all.) Turn off nonessential appliances/computers, etc. when they're not in use?
--Can you eat less? Buy only foods on sale? Live mostly on groceries you already have in the pantry or freezer?
--Can you drive your car less? Get a higher deductible on insurance, or switch to liability only? Carpool with friends or a co-worker for trips to work or errands?

*Fourth, cut back on 'luxuries.'
--The world will not end if you don't get a slice of cheesecake this week. (Or skip the meal, and have the cheesecake, instead!)
--Buy presents/shower & baby gifts on sale. Set yourself a figure -- say, $10 -- and stick to it. if you can't find the gift at that price, send a gift card or cash, instead.
--Start looking now for plane tickets to events you know you must go to. (Family weddings, for example.) Can you go cheaper by taking the train? Must you go at all?

More on this in coming posts...but just thinking and starting to plan is -- well, -- a START. And that's important.

Being Frugal has a great post on this subject:


Back soon...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brand-New Start on a New Blog!

Welcome! If you read my other blog, Cindy Brick looks at Life, you know a little bit about me...
In short, I teach and write about quilting, knitting, embroidery and other forms of needlework. I also am a judge, quilt restorer and certified textiles appraiser.

But I was raised by a Hollander farmer (Dutchman, for you non-Hollanders out there) and his wife (Scotch to the core) who rarely had much money...and loved to save!

That's what this site will be: a connection --and a collection -- of every kind of savings tip, coupon and help I can get my hands on.

Saving money and time has become extra-important nowadays; let me help you do it!

Welcome. Glad you're here.

P.S. You'll find me making the same posts on http://www.savingssite.blogspot.com -- but this will be this blog's main address.