Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brand-New Start on a New Blog!

Welcome! If you read my other blog, Cindy Brick looks at Life, you know a little bit about me...
In short, I teach and write about quilting, knitting, embroidery and other forms of needlework. I also am a judge, quilt restorer and certified textiles appraiser.

But I was raised by a Hollander farmer (Dutchman, for you non-Hollanders out there) and his wife (Scotch to the core) who rarely had much money...and loved to save!

That's what this site will be: a connection --and a collection -- of every kind of savings tip, coupon and help I can get my hands on.

Saving money and time has become extra-important nowadays; let me help you do it!

Welcome. Glad you're here.

P.S. You'll find me making the same posts on -- but this will be this blog's main address.

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